Screw the NSA, amirite?

The Policy

This is the website for Simplifyd, a Switzerland-based student-run podcast, run by someone who takes privacy issues seriously.

This privacy policy explains what information is collected about you, how personal information is used, and how this personal information is stored and protected. This privacy policy has been blatantly inspired by that of the Directory of Open Access Journals and we are totally sorry about it. (This in no way should be interpreted as a comment on our morals and ethics regarding academic plagiarism.)

The information we collect and how we use it:

What information is being collected when you use our website?
None at all. Unless you leave us a comment.

What do we do with this information?
Nothing really. Though if you leave a comment we will look at it every day and think about you.

What else do we use personal information for?
Other than for fulfilling our obligations to you, i.e., replying to your comment - we might casually stalk you a little bit on the internet. No creepy PMs though, promise.

Can you change information we hold about you?
Yes. If you leave us a new comment that might dramatically alter our perception of you.

How is personal information stored and protected?
Your personal data is stored by us in electronic form, in our brains. We protect it with our life, literally.

How secure is our website?
Fairly secure compared to 99.9% of the web, we’d say. We are working on moving to a https connection though.


We don’t display ads on our website. We don’t have advertising on our podcast either. If this ever changes, we’ll let you know the first thing.


We use Google Mail for contact. Google have their own security and privacy policies that govern our use of their service. Any email between you and us is encrypted and stored securely on Google servers.


We do not use Cookies on our website. More information about Cookies can be found at

Linking to external sites

You will encounter links to other sites that are not those which we control. Please be aware that once you click to one of these sites, you are subject to that site’s privacy policy and not to ours. You may wish to review the privacy policy for each site you visit.

By using this website you consent to the use of any data we collect as set out in this policy. You should review this privacy policy regularly, to note any changes relating to how we collect and use your information. Or we’ll just tell you about it by throwing a large rainbow-coloured comic sans banner on the front page.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or queries about the information we hold about you or wish to provide feedback about this site, please feel free to contact us.